Writing is an art, a craft and a passion. With the written word, many stones hath built great cities, and people have been moved to act, in pride, and mercy, or shame and malevolence.

What does this mean for us, in the age of instant communications, but a shakier place upon the transmogrifying earth? Well, first, let me say that I’m no doomsayer. I am a realist, and an artist. A natural musician, the rhythms I follow give me a pacing for the dramatic. When I write stories, they are not just a collection of clever novelties, but are also dances and sways through the page and with phrases. I believe in love, and it’s what writes my stories for me.

But still it is a mystery, this life, and many things will be revealed. Through my art, my writing, I hope to not only share with the world these searchings, but to also grow in the world and be a part of it too. So sit back and relax, and let me tell you a tale…